ZuZu Petals – A Havanese

Do you remember who Zuzu was in “It’s a Wonderful Life”? This little adorable Havanese is named Zuzu Petals named after the character in that movie. Great name!

She is really quite unusual in her coloring and just wonderful on the table. These videos were taken the first time I groomed her. She was quite uneven in the before video but, came out very well, very even and well balanced I think. I just love her brindle coloring. She is so expressive and was excellent and very obedient on the table. She was quite matted so I worked slowly with my slicker brush and comb to demat her. She allowed me to do everything without protest. She’s a doll.

I would say that this haircut is a long puppy cut. Her owner didn’t want me to make her too short so, I kept her on the full side which does show off her her beautiful fur! Enjoy ZuZu Petals!