Tribute to The Pea Monster

I beeped into my messages today and received a call from a dear client who moved to Southern California over 10 years ago.

She said hi " D the G " and it took me by surprise. Very few people know that is my nickname. Debbie The Groomer. It was so good to hear her voice but, sadly she called to tell me that dear Putty had left us on Good Friday this year. At that, I started to weep.

Putty aka " The Pea Monster" was the sweetest, happiest most joyful little Shih Tzu I have known. She was one of my very first clients when I moved to San Francisco from New York, I will always be grateful to her for supporting Kent's Kanines in the beginning. I loved grooming her because her Mom adored her face to be really sculpted and shaped.  My scissoring expertise was always appreciated. Putty allowed me to put my scissors in the most sensitive areas of her face without any protest. She loved being groomed and of course, loved all the attention everyone would shower on her afterward. She would just prance and dance and bark and twirl!!

I called my client that evening and it was so good to hear her voice again and I was so very grateful that after so many years she would consider me as one of the group of people in Putty's life to share the tribute video she and her husband created. We talked for a while and remembered her with love and affection. We both cried. I am actually in the video bathing her and scissoring her face. I remember that when they moved, I was sad because I really did love, Putty. She was such a special little girl.

Please enjoy this amazing, loving tribute to The Pea Monster.