Tribute to Tanti – A Coton du Tulear

Almost everyday a client will ask me “Do I have a favorite dog that I groom”? Of course, I love all the dogs I groom but, every once in a while there are those special ones that are my “favorites”. One of those very special and truly extraordinary dogs was Tanti.

Sadly, Tanti passed away two weeks ago very suddenly of kidney failure and even now as I write this, it is very difficult. Tears start to well up. He had an amazing disposition – so sweet and affectionate and funny! He was just so jubilant!

I groomed him every 2 weeks for 15 years. Yes, having a coat like that is a commitment and his family was so dedicated to him and keeping him true to the standard of a Coton du Tulear. It was a privilege to be able to groom such a dog for his entire life.

Tanti also was very special because he “assisted” his Dad in his office. His father is a psychiatrist and Tanti joined him during his sessions. He even had his own business cards!! The patients loved him! Tanti would sit on the couch with the patient and be patted and loved which gave comfort to my client’s patients. I once asked David what happens if a client would not want Tanti in his office during his session and he replied “I guess they will have to find another psychiatrist”!!

In two weeks he would get messy and dirty and then I would come to groom him and he would transform into a magnificent floating fluff of white hair. Most times I was alone grooming him so after 15 years of grooming him every two weeks, I became extremely attached to him. He was my handsome boy! I will miss him. He always behaved like a prince and allowed me the privilege to create magic every two weeks. You can see his entire portfolio in Gallery 2 on my website.

Here a few pictures, please enjoy!