“Summer Do” – A Corgi

When you see this amazing Corgi, your heart just goes a little quicker. He is a Kent’s Kanines Model featured in Gallery 4, click here. He is truly a handsome boy with such dramatic eyes and what can one say about those ears!! He just makes me smile each and every time I groom him. I have been grooming him since he was just a little puppy when all he was, was ears.

This blog post includes a before and after video as well as a little demonstration on how to find ticks imbedded deep in the coat attached to the skin. This dog has such a thick, dense coat and sometimes the undercoat is so thick that even with really feeling around it, is impossible to find ticks. I have found that my power blower is the best tool to perform “search and destroy” tick patrol. Ideally, you want to place the dog on an elevated surface like my grooming table, maybe two people would work. One to support the dog and the other to use the dryer in a slow back and forth motion, layer by layer parting the hair so the skin shows and exposes the ticks. Yuck!

I accomplish this “Summer Do” using a 7 blade meticulously skimming the coat 1/4″ by 1/4′ until I get the length I want. I never remove his beautiful red guard hairs. Dogs can get melanoma too, so keeping some fur on them is a good thing to protect against UV rays. His underside is extremely short though so, when he comes out of the rivers and streams he romps in he will dry very quickly underneath. His shorter underbelly also allows him to remain cooler when he lies down in the dirt or on the porch!

A “Summer Do” like this one is still attractive but, without all his furnishings and stomach hair he can enjoy his summer vacation to his hearts content!

Dryer: Metro Model