September 11, 2020 Tribute The Real Heroes are Dead

As a native New Yorker who grew up in Manhattan and went to The World Trade Center often with my parents this day always makes me so very sad.

My mother was in the restaurant business and both my parents were extraordinary gourmet cooks and going to THE WINDOWS ON THE WORLD RESTAURANT was always a big, big deal. Just going into the elevator was an experience. It was like a rocket. It transported you into the stratosphere! The anticipation to get to the top was so exciting. My parents, of course, loved the food, I loved looking out onto the island of Manhattan at night with all the lights glowing! It was such a magical place.

I am so blessed that my formative years were in Manhattan; if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! The spirit of New Yorkers are unique and remarkable.

I read an article on Facebook today from The New Yorker magazine about one such remarkable, courageous and brave New Yorker. It bought tears to me eyes. There were so many people that lost their lives that day and we owe them our remembrance.

Here is an article about one, Rick Rescola: