Scenic San Francisco Video

Well, I beeped into my messages today at about 3:30 as I was finishing up  my day and I received a message from a man saying that he had a grooming emergency. He and his girlfriend had tried to groom their King Charles and after about 10 minutes with a clipper and  a pair of scissors, they decided to call a professional. One side of his bottom hair was all chopped off and luckily thier was no physical damage to his ear, just a poor attempt to trim the hair that ended up very uneven and sad. They found me on the net and took a chance with me. I was in San Anselmo and they were in the Seacliff neighborhood which was perfect for me. It is right off the Golden Gate Bridge so I made a pit stop on my way home to groom an adorable King Charles. I rescued the haircut and they were thrilled that I came over so quickly and made their sweet dog looks cute again!!!

I took the route passed the Legion of Honor approaching the Great Highway and the sun was setting over the Pacific Ocean. The air was crisp and cold in spite of the fact there was no fog. I popped out of my car and shot the little video below. The Great Highway or Route 1 hugs the coast of California and is truly gorgeous. A lovely way to end the day.