San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s Labor Day Weekend 2019 and I worked on Saturday in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s quite far for me to go but, this client’s home is being renovated and she is temporarily living in Santa Cruz until the renovation is completed. I took the freeways down and decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway for the return trip. This is the road that hugs the Pacific Ocean the entire coastline of California. The coast of California is magnificent whether you are traveling north or south.

The weather on Saturday was glorious. Crisp, clear, sunny with just enough wind for windsurfing. I saw an inlet where people were windsurfing and flying kites and thought I would capture it on video. It looks like so much fun but, out of my courage range!

Even though Santa Cruz is normally out my traveling range, I do love going there just so I can commute back to San Francisco via Hwy 1.