San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s summertime in the Bay Area and plants are in full bloom. This particular slideshow was filmed in Hillsborough, CA where the climate is warm and luscious in the summer. The mornings start off cool and by noontime any fog has disappeared and the warmth of sun breaks through.

This garden is magnificent and I always look forward to entering my client’s property. It is a sanctuary of beauty, peace and an expression of life force. This little slideshow showcases just a little corner of the bounty of summer, as well as, the clever creativity of my client’s supreme garden design expertise.

Mr. Frog was created by artists at Creative Growth, an organization that serves disabled persons. It is based in Oakland, CA and the artists create such amazing and awe-inspiring works of art. Please check the link and support them.

I am so grateful to be able to enter such a property and be blessed every two weeks to witness nature change through the seasons.

Please enjoy this San Francisco Scenic Video.