Pippa – A Norwich Terrier Puppy

Yes, the little Norwich featured below is named after the Princess’ sister, Pippa. She is so cute with such a sweet tight little body. Just like Pippa :).

As you will see in the ‘Before” video, Pippa was quite long and in need of a grooming. The hair on her head is still very soft and thinnish so, I must go slowly and patiently when I pluck it. My intent for her face today was to meticulously pluck individual hairs and begin to create a full round shape. Since her hair has not developed a thick/coarse coat on her head yet, I did not want to completely remove everything not only for aesthetic reasons but, also to protect her skin. Pippa is learning to accept this process and is very sensitive to plucking. Each time I groom her, she is learning what to expect, the rhythm of my hands and voice and most importantly to be patient and polite while she is on the grooming table. She is still a baby and maturing. What’s most important in the beginning is that the hand stripping sessions are calm and as stress free as possible.

Her saddle is developing nicely. She is a beautiful red and it’s great fun to transform her from a scruffy girl into a Norwich Princess! Altogether it took three hours to finish her. When she became a little antsy, she would have a break, run outside in the backyard like a whirling dervish, go potty and relax a little. By allowing her a break, she recharges, stretches her muscles and is ready and willing to continue the stripping/plucking process. This process begins a bridge of trust between us.

I plan to return to groom her again in  month. Constantly pruning a hand stripped coat is key so a thick coarse structure/”jacket” is created. It takes years sometimes. Dogs’ coat often don’t fully mature until they are 2-3 years old.

Soon she will become a princess in her own right!!!!