Ollie the Malti Poo

What to say about Ollie. He is one of the most darling dogs! Truly. He is such a lover, cuddler and kisser!! He loves his travel Sherpa and behaves like a prince.

I have groomed him since he was 3 months old, I have been his only groomer. As you can see, he has loads of fur that requires regular brushing and combing. This client lived in the Bay Area for the first three years of his life and then moved to Seattle. My client searched high and low for a new groomer that would follow the process that I do so, he would continue with a safe and stress-free grooming schedule/process. After speaking to a number of people, she just felt the best decision for Ollie was to come back to San Francisco for his groomings. She and her husband have business here so, flying him back to SF would be a good solution. We have been doing this for 2 years without a glitch. Sometimes my clients stay in the hotel room with me but, normally they leave and take care of SF business while I give Ollie tender loving care and bring him back to his adorable handsome self.