Nina Ireland and Star

One of my dearest and most beloved clients was Nina Ireland. This week it was announced that she donated 48 million dollars to the UCSF Medical Center Pulmonary Department headed by her physician Dr. Golden.

I groomed her magnificent German Shepherd, Star, her formal name was “Etoile”. She was absolutely the most beautiful dog and totally devoted to Nina. I was privileged entry to her spectacular mansion every month for 13 years. As the years went by, a friendship developed. As often happens with my clients over time, the professional world integrates into the private and personal one. After grooming, we would often have tea in her amazing and glorious kitchen sitting at the island drinking freshly brewed coffee and talk about dogs and art and all the happenings in San Francisco. Star would bark and bark and bark (she had a huge bark) for her “Frosty Paws”, that was her treat after I groomed her and Nina and I would laugh each and every time!

I would bath Star in a small bathroom with a custom made Japanese bathtub that was shorter in length but, deeper in height. Perfect for bathing a large dog. I would then dry Star in Nina’s enormous laundry room that she outfitted just for Star. Everything was for Star!!

I do miss Nina and Star. Both of them were one of kind and I won’t meet another woman like Nina again. That was a once in a lifetime gift!

ABC news asked me to speak a little about her for the segment on her donation and below is the link to the video. I am also including the great photo of Star in her glory!!!