Niles the Norwich!!

Niles is quite the special Norwich Terrier. He has a very fun and exuberant personality. I owned a Norwich for 10 years after adopting her at age 3 and love Norwich Terriers. They are very dear to me. So, when I met Niles I immediately took a fancy to him.

He is 9 years old and when I met him his coat was very uneven, overgrown with soft furnishings and it was clear that I would have to do a lot of hand stripping and plucking especially around his face to get his coat back in order. The quality of his jacket was good but all else needed a re-do. So, after many months I am very happy with his transformation. His coat is now very wiry and I pay extra attention to his face and pluck individual hairs to create a round and full ruff. He is so patient with me when I do this. I groom him every 6 weeks which keeps his hand stripped coat in perfect order and keeps his coat wiry and coarse and maintains his beautiful grizzle color. He is a unique and very handsome Norwich. Below is a testimonial my client shared with me which was very kind.

“Niles looks FANTASTIC! The hand stripping you do on him is better than anyone who prepped him for his show career and now, as a certified Therapy Dog he (and of course his parents) can be proud of his appearance as he visits assisted living facilities, schools, summer camps, and libraries. His 100 plus hours as a Therapy Dog with Marin Humane have him looking and acting like a true ambassador of the Norwich breed. Thank you for the beautiful work you do. It takes time, patience and a commitment to keep him looking this beautiful but it is worth every cent to see him representing his breed so handsomely.”


And if that is not enough, he has just earned his Advanced Therapy Certificate!! I have included the certificate as well as a letter sent by his owner to the Norwich Terrier Club of America requesting that Niles be considered as one of the top therapy dogs in the club! We are all waiting on pins and needles for their decision.