Liquid Medication

Since last summer one of my dogs Niblet, the star of my Welcome Video and Makeover Madness video has been suffering from a number of ailments. He has liver disease, a collapsed trachea, and an enlarged heart. Needless to say, he is on numerous medicines. I know that Pill Pockets can be great for dogs when they have to take pills but, it just wouldn’t work for my little Niblet. I hated having to shove numerous pills down his throat with a fragile trachea so, I researched a pharmacy that specializes in liquid medications for dogs.

It’s Road Runner Pharmacy in Phoenix, AZ. They are great. They offer the medications in so many flavors. The regular ones like beef and chicken but also, butternut vanilla and marshmallow and many. many more. It makes giving medicine so much easier and less stressful. Often times dogs refuse to allow being given a pill and no matter what you hide it in they figure a way to spit it out. Liquid formulated meds are a great alternative.

And as a thank you gift for placing your order, they will send you a doggie toy. Just tell them the breed of your dog and they choose the right size.