Kent’s Kanines Mission Statement

missionMy commitment to create beauty and love through dog grooming has proven to be my purpose in life.

My goal as a home groomer is to give each dog my individual attention; to take the time needed so that a deep and everlasting trust is developed, as well as give the owners the experience to view and even assist if necessary, especially for puppies or elderly and infirm dogs.

Dog grooming is an art. It is a privilege to enter my clients’ homes and be given the opportunity to sculpt and to develop over time that human/dog relationship in the safety and comfort of their own home.

My grooming tools are basic: grooming table, scissors, blades, clippers, stripping knives, shampoo and dryers. What I also bring, that is not so obvious, are my voice and my hands. The ability to communicate in different tones and commands is essential so that the dog learns what is expected and therefore, relaxes and surrenders to the process. My experienced hands are the essence of my talent. They guide me to carefully scissor around the eyes and ears, trim around tiny paws and of course, those sensitive private areas with excellence, patience, and safety.

I love when I am finished styling a dog. The owner exclaims “He’s so handsome, She’s so pretty, He’s so adorable!” The joy that home grooming brings to my clients is what it is all about.

Grooming is an ancient ritual and tradition. Throughout the ages, it has been vital to the humankind and animal kingdom connection, not only to maintain the physical well being of the animal ie: dog, but mainly and most importantly to further enhance, nurture and respect that very sacred bond between dogs and humans.