Joyful Josie

Joyful Josie the cheerful and always adorable Corgi went to heaven. She was 16 years old and I had been grooming her for the last 4+ years. She was a referral from “Tivvy” the Norwich Terrier. When I first met Josie she had just undergone open chest surgery to remove a foxtail that had traveled into her heart cavity, if you can believe that! Foxtails are evil!
Her chest was completely shaved but, the fur on her back was a gorgeous deep orange/red and the moment I saw her I knew she would be once again a beautiful girl. It took many months for her chest area ( it had been shaved to the skin for the surgery) to grow in but, it did and then I consulted with her owner about how to style her. Josie lived in the East Bay and it can get especially hot during the summer so, I gave her a puppy cut. I would trim her tummy area very short, you couldn’t see it at all so that, when she lied on the marble bathroom floor, her most favorite spot, she would be perfectly cool and content.

Two years passed and as I was preparing for my website I asked her owner if she would consider allowing me to feature Josie as a Kent’s Kanines Model, she willing agreed. Josie is featured in Gallery 8.

I am featuring two photos of her on this Blog post as a tribute to her. She was a joy to groom, always obedient, patient, polite and each and every time would sneak in a little kiss for me. I will miss her greatly!