Harry the Havanese

Here is Harry the Havanese! He is truly adorable with his little pink tongue!

I have been grooming him for 3 three years and he behaves like a prince. He is a bit timid and needs a gentle touch. Havaneses require a lot of maintenance even in between their professional groomings. I groom him every 5 weeks but, he is brushed and comb thoroughly with a slicker brush and groomer’s comb at least once a week or most preferably twice a week. Anytime he gets wet, either from rain, his companion Havanese Cali gets him wet with saliva when they play or if the grass outside wets him, his owner takes the little bit of time when his dries to thoroughly dematt him. The joy of this darling breed is a little extra effort on everybody’s part so that their magnificent coat blooms into its’ glory!