Emma’s Back

Well, Emma’s back in San Francisco. That is “Emma” featured in my dog travelogue “Emma in Paris”. She had been in Paris and just returned and hadn’t been stripped in awhile so, she was quite furry and in need of some TLC. As you can see from the travelogue, she is absolutely darling and is a very good girl on the table. She has been groomed/hand stripped since has been a puppy and accepts the process beautifully. I am always happy to see Emma and I think she is happy to see me too. After her grooming, she prances and twirls; I think she feels happy to be clean and pretty again!

I am including another little video of the view from Emma’s house. It is taken from the Russian Hill perspective looking east towards the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower and the Transamerica Building. The weather was pristine, the colors vibrant and crisp with a sailboat cruising along the bay. As the video is ending, the Parrots of Telegraph Hill came flying by right on cue. I had no idea that would happen, truly!! It was perfect.

Home Dog Grooming welcomes me into so many fabulous homes and I am lucky to see these amazing views of this beautiful city on a daily basis.