Diary of a Dog Groomer

San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s Labor Day Weekend 2019 and I worked on Saturday in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s quite far for me to go but, this client’s home is being renovated and she is temporarily living in Santa Cruz until the renovation is completed. I took the freeways down and decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway for […]

Ollie the Malti Poo

What to say about Ollie. He is one of the most darling dogs! Truly. He is such a lover, cuddler and kisser!! He loves his travel Sherpa and behaves like a prince. I have groomed him since he was 3 months old, I have been his only groomer. As you can see, he has loads […]

San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s summertime in the Bay Area and plants are in full bloom. This particular slideshow was filmed in Hillsborough, CA where the climate is warm and luscious in the summer. The mornings start off cool and by noontime any fog has disappeared and the warmth of sun breaks through. This garden is magnificent and I […]

Niles the Norwich!!

Niles is quite the special Norwich Terrier. He has a very fun and exuberant personality. I owned a Norwich for 10 years after adopting her at age 3 and love Norwich Terriers. They are very dear to me. So, when I met Niles I immediately took a fancy to him. He is 9 years old […]

San Francisco Scenic Video

What a way to start the week! My first client today lives in Potrero Hill and just as I arrived she said she was going to feed the parrots. I wasn’t really listening but, when I turned my head and saw the family of Parrots eating from the bird feeder she had just filled with […]

A Havanese for Valentine’s Day

The photo is of Truffles. A beautiful chocolate Havanese with little heart bows. As you will see in the video also featuring Truffles, she is the perfect example of a Havanese. The hair on her face has never been cut so it is super thick and luxurious. Sometimes I make one single top knot with […]


It was a beautiful day in San Francisco. Clear, crisp, cold (for San Francisco)! Walked my own dogs for a long and relaxed walk; great way to start the new year. 2018 was great. Home Dog Groomed almost every day other than the two respites. Traveled to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival in the […]

Kent’s Kanines Summer Newsletter 2016

Moose – Cock-a-Poo

What a great name, Moose! This is the first “Moose” I have ever groomed. He is a sweet, sweet chocolate Cock-a-Poo. He grows like a weed so, he is groomed every 4-6 weeks. His fur feels just like velvet; it so soft. He is very active, hiking in Marin, power walking along Chrissy Field, accompanying […]

Penny – Hand Stripped Lakeland Terrier

This little girl looks like a Steiff toy! Penny is a darling Lakeland Terrier. I have been grooming her since she arrived at three months. The first hand stripping was an introduction to the grooming table more than a full hand stripping.  Teaching her to stand and learn to be comfortable and secure on the grooming […]

Penny – Tibetan Terrier

Penny’s nickname is Penny Panda. As you can see she has the most remarkable markings! She looks like a Panda Bear. Penny was rescued at age 6 from a woman who sadly was dying of cancer. The week after my client picked her up, her first Mom died. My client was told that Penny was […]

Scout and Truffles – Two Full Coated Havaneses

What to say about Scout and Truffles? The only thing to say is that they are gorgeous! Their owner is committed to keeping their coats long and natural. Scout is 5 and Truffles is 3 years old. Both of them have the most delightful and jubilant dispositions. They are a joy and privilege to groom. Yes, […]

Groomer at Petsmart Allegedly Abuses/Kills Dachshund

On May 17, 2016 a one year old Dachshund was brought into a Petsmart in San Mateo, CA and within 3 minutes the little dog was dead. The police were called and the groomer was arrested for Abuse and Cruelty to Animals penal code 597, a felony. As is allowed by law he made bail […]


The Kent’s Kanines Mascot – FRISCO I love Pomeranians. Full of energy, smart, sweet and what to say about all that hair! After Niblet died in 2013, the 2nd Kent’s Kanines Mascot, I sensed that his companion Flirt, photo with me below, needed a new friend. So, in January of 2016 I found a black […]


Today was Travis’s last day. He was adopted from the SPCA in San Francisco 16 years ago. He truly was one of the best dogs ever and oh so handsome. Probably a Shepherd mix with the sweetest temperament. I have groomed him every month for 16 six years straight; I became quite attached to him. […]


As a child of the TV show the Jetsons, each and every time I do FaceTime I always think I am in a Jetsons episode. Who would think that this technology would be common place in 2016? Back in the 1960’s when the Jetsons was the most popular cartoon on TV, the fantasy of seeing […]


Wishing everybody a glorious and prosperous New Year! I thought I would dedicate the upcoming year to my car, Sven. He was detailed today to start the year off with all the bells and whistles. He is a 1986 Volvo 240GL. He is a gem. As you can see he is looking pretty sweet for […]

A Tribute to Joan Rivers and Spike, the Yorkshire Terrier

I was so sad to hear that Joan Rivers had died today. I groomed her dog, Spike, a very handsome Yorkshire Terrier for three years. This was 1990 and I had just started Kent’s Kanines in 1989. Her secretary at that time just happened to live in the same building that I lived in and […]

Music To My Ears

Often times I listen to music while I’m working. Usually it’s Pandora, French Cafe Radio (I created that station) or Hearts of Space www.hos.com. Today though was very different. When I arrived for my first appointment this morning, she wasn’t at home, I have access and began hand stripping her darling Norwich Terrier. No one […]

Yo Yogi

Yogi was the last dog I groomed in 2013. He is a darling Tibetan Terrier mix of some sort and has one of those faces that just makes you smile. He was adopted from a shelter in Marin County. He is probably 3-5 years old and is very loving and joyful. When I first met […]

A Havanese Snowball

Christmas time is here and I have the perfect ornament. Riley, the Havanese Snowball!! Below is the before and after video of Riley. He is an absolutely darling Havanese that is about 1.5 years old. He was a referral from Marley, (Makeover Madness, 2nd dog featured, a Champion Havanese). When I first met him he […]

He-Man – A Precious Pomeranian

I first met He-Man when I was shopping on Fillmore Street. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a fluff of red whizz by. I thought to myself, “There is a lovely Pomeranian, I will have to say hi.” So I introduced myself and told the owner that I, too, was a Pom […]

Jimmy – A Lakeland Terrier – Sport Cut

When I first met Jimmy, I had to smile. He looked so much like a Steiff toy. It turns out that he is like a cuddly little toy!! Generally speaking, Lakeland Terriers can be quite a handful and very independent minded. Jimmy, on the contrary, is incredibly low key and mellow. All he wants to […]


The link below is absolutely so beautiful!! Who ever wrote it deserves an award. If anybody does know who wrote this I would greatly appreciate their name. My father was the original ” Mad Men” ( no joke) wrote advertising and jingles all his life. He would have loved the writing for the video below. […]

California Pet Artists

I first saw a portrait that Nikki Solone did for one of my Kent’s Kanines models. She was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Basil. A beautiful and darling little girl. Her owner had commissioned Nikki Solone to create an oil painting and it came out beautifully; she really captured the essence of Basil. I […]

Travis – Shepherd Mix – De-Matting and De-Shedding in the Tub

Well,  here is another Kent’s Kanines Model, Travis. He is a 14/15 year Shepherd mix. We are not sure of his age since he was adopted at the San Francisco SPCA. I have been grooming him since he was adopted and he is one of the sweetest, loving and easy going dogs. He is a […]

Tribute to The Pea Monster

I beeped into my messages today and received a call from a dear client who moved to Southern California over 10 years ago. She said hi ” D the G ” and it took me by surprise. Very few people know that is my nickname. Debbie The Groomer. It was so good to hear her […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

When I created Scenic San Francisco Video I primary had the vision of documenting the beautiful and glorious nature that surrounds the Bay Area. It is a never ending well of possibilities. That being said, as I was leaving work last week, a different kind of Scenic San Francisco Video content was presented to me. […]

Indie – A Sensitive Schnauzer

Here is little Indie, a darling Schnauzer that I started grooming when she was 6 years old. She has lovely markings and is diminutive in size. She was referred to me by another client of mine who owns a Shih Tzu who is also very sensitive and needs just that special touch. When I first […]

Pippa – A Norwich Terrier Puppy

Yes, the little Norwich featured below is named after the Princess’ sister, Pippa. She is so cute with such a sweet tight little body. Just like Pippa :). As you will see in the ‘Before” video, Pippa was quite long and in need of a grooming. The hair on her head is still very soft […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

I worked in Corte Madera and Mill Valley today in Marin County north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a beautiful and warm day. After work. I then had to drive south to Pacifica in San Mateo to drop paperwork at my bookkeeper. As I was driving on Pacific Coast Highway 1 the sun […]

Dyeing Diamond

In all my years as a groomer, I have never used color on a dog. Not even for fun on my own dogs. But when I was called to groom a little sweet, sweet Maltese a month ago and was asked if I would use color on her I said I would love to do […]

Tobey’s Tent

One of my clients was invited with his Welsh Terrier Tobey to share in some Christmas cheer last year at a friends house.The friend had a little girl whom Tobey just adored. The little girl and Tobey became immediate BFF’s and hung out all day in the tent featured in the photos below. I think […]

A Tribute to Basil – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Basil, a Kent’s Kanines Model and absolutely darling Cavalier King Charles Spaniel past away. It actually happened last fall but, I needed some time to pass before I wrote a blog post on Diary of a Dog Groomer. She was very special to me for many reasons but, mainly for her courage and determination to […]

Birdie – A Handstripped Dandie Dinmont

I shot a number of videos during the Christmas season and this is one of them. I know it’s a little past due but, I have finally carved out some time to upload some blog posts. Birdie is a lovely, sweet little girl. She was bred by Betty Ann Stenmark in Woodside,CA the foremost authority […]

350,000 miles on my Volvo, really? REALLY!

Well, my beloved Sven a 1986 240GL Volvo sedan has made a milestone. The odometer read as of 2/6/13 350,006 miles. This is the only car I have ever owned. No GPS, no bells and whistles. Sven does have power steering, electric windows and I upgraded the stereo system years ago. But basically he is […]

Christmas Card 2012

HO HO HO. As of the End of October I still had not come up with an idea for my 2012 Christmas card. When I was asked to groom a dog at the Del Valle Dog Show this fall I found a booth Wagging Tails Portraits www.waggingtailportraits.com selling terrific hand painted items. I knew at that […]

Skippy – A Golden Doodle – Dematting

The dog featured in the video below is Skippy, a Golden Doodle that was referred to me by another client of mine. Normally, I do not groom very large dogs now but, I do make exceptions especially, if the referral comes from a long time client. Skippy just turned one year old at the end […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

Well, I beeped into my messages today at about 3:30 as I was finishing up  my day and I received a message from a man saying that he had a grooming emergency. He and his girlfriend had tried to groom their King Charles and after about 10 minutes with a clipper and  a pair of […]

Kent’s Kanines Mission Statement

My commitment to create beauty and love through dog grooming has proven to be my purpose in life. My goal as a home groomer is to give each dog my individual attention; to take the time needed so that a deep and everlasting trust is developed, as well as give the owners the experience to […]

Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio Show

My colleague Joy Randel who is the proprietor of a online designer pet store and also is the host of Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio where she interviews professionals in the Pet Industry. I was one of those guests yesterday and had a great time with Joy. It is always a pleasure to share […]

Grooming can Save a Life!

One of my magnificent Kent’s Kanines Models was diagnosed with osteo-carcinoma two years ago. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever named Big Red and I know I’m not supposed to have “favorites” but, I must admit Big Red is one my most favorite clients. I grew up with a “Big Red”. A broad shouldered loving […]

And That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of

One of the great perks of my career as a home dog groomer is meeting all the “humans” that own all the dogs I groom. I enter the homes of everybody. Rich, poor, black, white and everything in between.  Of course, the purpose of my visit is to groom their dog but, so often as […]

Who knew??

As many of you know, I have dogs too. One of them is a very sweet Norwich Terrier that I have had since she been three years old. I adore her. If I could have a herd Norwichs I would do so. She is 14 now and is in excellent health but, I have noticed […]

A Goodbye

One of my clients is moving to Texas. Her husband got a job and they are transferring. Boo Hoo! I featured her dog in blog post “Poof the Pomeranian“,  whom I absolutely adore. She is quite extraordinary not only because she is so pretty and cute but, because she only has three legs. She was […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

I finished my week yesterday in a small town named Belvedere. It’s actually a little island. Incredibly sweet. Houses are tucked into the hillsides with amazing views of The Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Ocean and Richardson’s Bay. I still marvel at the beauty here. After working for hours hand stripping a Fox Terrier, I came […]

Balancing a Fine Line

One of the most challenging aspects of home dog grooming is when I believe the welfare of the animal is jeopardized. That reality comes in all kinds of situations, sometimes it is overt like when a client is making very poor decisions regarding medical treatment for a dog that is clearly suffering or when a […]

Summer 2012 Newsletter

“Summer Do” – A Corgi

When you see this amazing Corgi, your heart just goes a little quicker. He is a Kent’s Kanines Model featured in Gallery 4, click here. He is truly a handsome boy with such dramatic eyes and what can one say about those ears!! He just makes me smile each and every time I groom him. […]

ZuZu Petals – A Havanese

Do you remember who Zuzu was in “It’s a Wonderful Life”? This little adorable Havanese is named Zuzu Petals named after the character in that movie. Great name! She is really quite unusual in her coloring and just wonderful on the table. These videos were taken the first time I groomed her. She was quite […]

Tribute to Tanti – A Coton du Tulear

Almost everyday a client will ask me “Do I have a favorite dog that I groom”? Of course, I love all the dogs I groom but, every once in a while there are those special ones that are my “favorites”. One of those very special and truly extraordinary dogs was Tanti. Sadly, Tanti passed away […]

Weird Day

I don’t normally post my opinions on message boards other than my blog but, this morning there was a discussion online through LinkedIn in the Professional Pet Industry group where I am a member. Someone had made a comment about the importance of microchipping so, I decided to chime in too about how important it […]

“Summer Do” – A Golden Retriever

Here is a Kent’s Kanines model. She is a fantastic Golden Retriever that goes up to Napa for the summer. As you can see in my portfolio pictures on www.kentskanines.com Gallery 1, she normally has very long furnishings. Beautiful, long and flowing but, in summer that all comes off so she can enjoy romping in […]

The Woes of a Working Mom

Well, in the video below you will see my “crew” except one, little Whisper, an abandoned Chihuahua from the streets of Daly City. He was in my office behind a gate because he pees everywhere! He knows to go potty on his pad but, he is still a little naughty about the peeing. When I […]

Maddie – A Yorkshire Terrier with Half a Jaw

The video below is of Maddie, Madeleine, a tiny Yorkie. This Yorkshire Terrier had her lower jaw removed due to periodontal disease. Yes, it’s true. Her gums became so infected that her jaw had to be removed. Consequently, her mouth is always open and does drool quite a bit. Recently, within the last 6 months […]

Dakota – Puppy Cut West Highland Terrier

Well, here is another “Before and After”. I am really trying to remember to video when I have a good opportunity for documenting a before and after sequence. Maybe one day, I will have someone video the entire process live and then edit it so that you can experience the “magic” of grooming. That is […]

Alice – Handstripped Norwich Terrier

Here is a before and after of Alice. She a two year old Norwich Terrier that lives in beautiful Marin County. I started the video midway through grooming her because I didn’t think to do a ” Before and After” video. I think when I arrived I was so shocked to see the little hedge […]

A Dream

Well, yesterday was a first. I went to a client that I have known for over 10 years. I first met her and her first dogs prior to her children’s arrival. She now has three beautiful, fabulous girls that I have all known in utero and now are 4,7 and 9. The eldest one and […]

Mia the Shih Tzu with Glaucoma

Mia is a Shih Tzu that I have been grooming since she’s been a puppy. She is now eight years old. About three years ago, her eyes started to become cloudy and swell and she was diagnosed by a veterinary eye specialist with Glaucoma. She was immediately given multiple eyes drops that had to be […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

One of the joys of living and home grooming in San Francisco is having access to water. We are surrounded by it. On one side of this speck of land is the Pacific Ocean and on the other is the San Francisco Bay. Today I was working in the Sunset district way out in the […]

A Lovely Surprise

Today I worked all day in Marin. First in Ross and then Mill Valley right off the main road to Stinson Beach. It was a good day but, one of my clients was very matted and needed extra time and attention and another that had not been hand stripped for four months. This just adds […]

Scenic San Francisco Video

I have decided to start a little category entitled scenic San Francisco. One of the glories of living in California is the natural beauty. San Francisco and the greater Bay Area which I also travel, is just plain gorgeous. Mother nature reigns supreme. Being a New York girl and I mean a die hard New […]

Skippy, The Fox Terrier – Handstripped

I have taken a little video of Skippy a Fox Terrier that is hand stripped. He is about 3 years old now. When my client first got him from a show kennel in Malibu, CA, Skippy was a nervous wreck. Firstly, he was intact and had never been in a home. His first 18 months […]


Today I received a call from a client asking me if I could just stop by and trim over her 5 month old Cock-a-Poo’s eyes. I had given her a haircut about 3 weeks ago and her body just wasn’t ready for a complete do. It just so happened that I was only 5 minutes […]

April Fools

I know if I told you that today I groomed a 20 year old Westie you would say I was playing an April Fools Day Joke but, I really truly did groom Duncan the Westhighland Terrier today who is 20 years old. I have been grooming her for last 16 years!!! She is the energizer […]

Cleaniness is next to Godliness

Well, it’s that time again. It’s Sunday night and it’s been a long week. Worked every day this week! Did have a lovely dinner at a great restaurant last night but, basically the week has been busy grooming dogs. When I worked in NY and apprenticed with Edith Hoeltz at Canine Styles back in 1989, […]

Tribute to Giovanna – An Italian Spinone

Giovanna was a magnificent dog and Kent’s Kanines model.  She was the first Italian Spinone I had ever groomed. She was adopted by my client when Gio, her nickname, was 3 due to fact that her original family had 2 dogs already and Gio the third was just too much so, my client who was […]

It’s a Small World

Two of my clients who are ” snow birds” spend the winter in the desert.  Not the Sahara but, Palm Springs and the surrounding areas Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, India Wells and both these ladies were at the car wash at the same time. They were strangers to each other. One owns a Norwich Terrier […]

Portfolio Directory

I thought it would be a good idea to post my Portfolio Directory. My website has 12 galleries of dogs masterfully groomed by me and beautifully photographed in their home.  The directory states which breed is featured in each gallery. Please go to kentskanines.com to see the collection. Enjoy the collection!

January 2012 Newsletter

Holiday Hike with the Hounds

Well, it’s the end of the year and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is always slower for me. Thank God! I worked like a “dog” up until Christmas day, even worked Christmas Eve and am enjoying the quieter time. When I do get time I love to hike with or with out my […]

Christmas Card Collection

My annual Christmas cards are always fun to create. They really amped up starting in 2008 when I created that card with Kersti Malvre, who was the primary photographer for www.kentskanines.com. The 2008 gem started with the brilliant idea of an angel topper for a Christmas tree. The card was photographed in stages, first the […]

Harry the Havanese

Here is Harry the Havanese! He is truly adorable with his little pink tongue! I have been grooming him for 3 three years and he behaves like a prince. He is a bit timid and needs a gentle touch. Havaneses require a lot of maintenance even in between their professional groomings. I groom him every […]

Autumn Newsletter

Hank the Hiker

Last week I groomed Hank. He is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with the disposition of a saint. So sweet, loving, easy going and just so good. He is a solid big boy and loves to hike in Marin and Napa. I understand that swimming is also one of his favorite outdoor pleasures! Since he leads […]

Tippy Tendrils

I am featuring a video below of two darling mix terriers named Sally and Mason. Sally was rescued from Pets in Need in Redwood City, CA and Mason from Save a Dog Today, SADT. It’s amazing how similar they look; they look related. They are hand stripped and I keep the flowing tendrils of hair […]

Big Boy – The Chow Chow

As many of my clients know, I now only groom small to medium size dogs now. Throughout my grooming career, I have groomed Bouviers, German Shepherds, Royal Standard Poodles, Irish Wolfhounds, Bernese Mountain dogs, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards and the list goes on …… but every once in a while I make exceptions. I feature two […]


I am originally from Manhattan and moved to San Francisco in 1993. I would say that each and every day I think about my days in the Big Apple and in particular the heart and soul of the people and place. It is truly a remarkable city. I have watched many of the memorial shows […]

Amazing Andy

The pictures and video below are of Andy the Westie. A very sweet 17 year old Westie that has an amazing benign growth on the left side of his face very near to his eye. Today was my first time grooming him. His regular groomer declined to groom him because of this growth so, his […]

Tails of Devotion

Emily Pottruck invited me to be included  in a wonderful project. I was truly grateful that I could participate in such a project to help all animals. Each and every participant wrote from the heart and the photographer did a great job in capturing each families special bond with their beloved pet/pets. Below are photos […]

Liquid Medication

Since last summer one of my dogs Niblet, the star of my Welcome Video and Makeover Madness video has been suffering from a number of ailments. He has liver disease, a collapsed trachea and an enlarged heart. Needless to say, he is on numerous medicines. I know that Pill Pockets can be great for dogs […]

Boulette’s Larder Dog Food

http://www.bouletteslarder.com/menus/menu_larder.pdf Boulette’s Larder is a store in the Ferry Building at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco. I first heard about Boulette’s Larder when I asked one of my clients what she served her dog. After the grooming, Ann heated up this little frozen gem in the microwave and her dog Pu devoured it. Pu […]

POOF the Pomeranian

Today I groomed a little Pomeranian named Poof. As you can see from the photos and video she is truly gorgeous. She weighs about 4 lbs. max but, the amazing thing about Poof is that she only has three legs. She was born this way. ( Not to copy Lady Gaga 🙂 ) It took […]

Lions and Tigers and YORKIES?? Oh My!

Sometimes Home Dog Grooming can really put a smile on your face. I am featuring a little video I took of one of clients surrounded by all his dogs. Three Yorkies and three Brussels Griffons. The other two Yorkies are owned by one of his friends and were having a play date with his other […]

Emma in Paris

I have received a number of emails regarding my Dog Travelogue ” Emma in Paris ” inquiring about the details of the trip and the collaboration with the photographer, Kersti Malvre. At least once a week, I receive an email commenting that this little gem is unique, clever, entertaining and funny. I’m so pleased that […]

Testimonials – 3

Here is third installment of hand written testimonials. Please see the Blog Posts, Testimonials 1 and 2.

Testimonials – 2

Here is the second installment of hand written testimonials. Please see the Blog Post Testimonials – 1 for the first installment.

Testimonials – 1

When I first created kentskanines.com I knew I wanted to include testimonials. But the question was how to do that with a creative twist. I really wanted the words to be from my client’s hearts so, I had a great idea. I would ask them to write thank you/testimonials on their personal stationary. Some people […]

Hearts of Space

I spent the day in Marin, the weather was glorious but, with a little chill in the air. I had a full day, including using my Master Blaster dryer. It is like a Harley, powerful and loud. All my clients were pleased but, I was a little spent. Worked my tail off today. When I […]

Moment of Gratitude

It’s near midnight on May 8 and I still have more paperwork to do and edits on my May Kent’s Kanines Newsletter. I have worked everyday this week including Saturday and Sunday and believe it or not, I am not exhausted. Quite the contrary. This past week has been so busy grooming all over the […]

Joyful Josie

Joyful Josie the cheerful and always adorable Corgi went to heaven. She was 16 years old and I had been grooming her for the last 4+ years. She was a referral from “Tivvy” the Norwich Terrier. When I first met Josie she had just undergone open chest surgery to remove a foxtail that had traveled […]

Emma’s Back

Well, Emma’s back in San Francisco. That is “Emma” featured in my dog travelogue “Emma in Paris”. She had been in Paris and just returned and hadn’t been stripped in awhile so, she was quite furry and in need of some TLC. As you can see from the travelogue, she is absolutely darling and is […]

Nina Ireland and Star

One of my dearest and most beloved clients was Nina Ireland. This week it was announced that she donated 48 million dollars to the UCSF Medical Center Pulmonary Department headed by her physician Dr. Golden. I groomed her magnificent German Shepherd, Star, her formal name was “Etoile”. She was absolutely the most beautiful dog and […]

Lunch at Boulevard

Yesterday was a great day! One of my clients owns Boulevard Restaurant, a terrific, delicious and true landmark in San Francisco invited me to lunch after I groomed Peanut. What a treat in the middle of the work day to have lunch at such a lovely and beautiful place. I ate at the chef’s counter, […]

SF SPCA “Our Animals” Top Model

The most recent edition of “Our Animals” magazine, the magazine published by The San Francisco SPCA features the debut of a Kent’s Kanines client Brunhilda. Little “Hildy” is the sweetest, happiest and most charming Affenpinscher. This is her first time on a national magazine cover and her mother could not be more proud!! I, too, […]

Focus Focus

Yesterday was a long hard day. I started in Belvedere then drove to San Raphael and finished in Seacliff. My last dog, I have been grooming since he was four months old. He is now 16 and getting feeble and tired. During the grooming, I took him out for two quick pees and a little […]


One of the great things about home grooming is that I come to my client’s location. 9 times out of 10 it is usually the home but, sometimes it’s an alternate location like a TV studio or a person’s office. When Joan Rivers had her TV show in NYC, I traveled to the West Side […]

Grooming in Yosemite

Since I launched my website in 2009, I have met some really great people who have become my clients. This past weekend I traveled to Yosemite to hand strip a Norwich Terrier of a woman who found kentskanines.com on the net. The original plan was for my client to come down to San Raphael for […]

Blog Comment en Francais

Well, this is a first. I received a blog comment in French from France. Please see About the Blog comment section. I was so surprised and very pleased. My dog travelogue (see blog menu bar) has become quite a hit. Emma in Paris features Emma one of my clients who I groomed in April 2009. […]

Good Day

I started my day with a dog that I have known since she was one years old. She is now 17. She had been living in Carmel for the last 7 years when my clients moved there and Carmel is really too far for me to go on a regular basis. Happily, just a few […]

Monday Monday

When I woke up this morning I knew I had a very long day ahead of me. I would be working all day in Marin. Tiburon then Larkspur then back to Tiburon. Normally, I would have groomed the Tiburon clients back to back but, the Larkspur client only had the 12 noon slot available so […]

Cecil and The Steelers

Well… today was a first for Kent’s Kanines. When I made the appointment this Sunday to groom Cecil I had no idea that it was the AFC Championship between the Steelers and the Jets. It turns out Cecil’s owners are total and complete devoted, dedicated fans of the Steelers and I was given instructions that […]

My First Radio Show

Well, yesterday was quite a day. I was invited by Joy Randel who owns www.dazzledogdelight.com, a great online dog store to be a guest on her Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio Show. She asked me some great questions regarding Home Dog Grooming and it was great to share with her listeners and of course, […]

Hand Stripping Tucker

Is he not the most handsome boy? Tucker is a 2 year old Scottish Terrier that I have been Hand Stripping since he was a little puppy. He has grown into a magnificent dog with a truly coal black (thanks to hand stripping) and very hard/coarse coat. I hand strip him every three weeks including […]

Grooming in Sonoma

What a great way to start the year. I went up to Sonoma to groom one of my clients. Normally, I do not travel so far north but, one of my clients had a hip replacement and wanted to recuperate in their house up there. Since I worked like a dog before Christmas and groomed, […]

Welcome New Year!!

I hope everybody had a wonderful holiday season and a fun New Year’s celebration!! Can you believe it’s 2011? Twice this month the digit one has been the only number in the date, 1/1/11 and 1/11/11. Amazing. I thought I would let a little time pass after New Years to start my first blog post […]

Norwich Fun Day

I love Norwich Fun Day!! It is always a good time. This years event was held in Elmira, CA October 3RD near Vacaville hosted by Robin and Curt. Estelle and Ron Crawford of Bunratty’s Kennel were there with the best lure constructed and operated by Ron. It is a remote control course with a piece […]

Pawdicures & Pets Unlimited

Saturday October 2, 2010 was a fun day!! Bloomingdales at the Westfield Shopping Center in San Francisco hosted their 2nd annual Pets Unlimited Fund Raiser to benefit The Critical Needs Shelter and Adoption Center. I was invited again to do “Pawdicures” and many eager pups walked up to my grooming table for the service. Please […]

Diary of a Dog Groomer

People always tell me I should write a book. Tell all the “marvelous”, curious and humorous tales of home dog grooming. I have a great job, not only because I love dogs, but because home dog grooming allows me to sculpt all day, be my own boss and most importantly, it gives me the opportunity […]