Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio Show

My colleague Joy Randel who is the proprietor of a online designer pet store and also is the host of Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio where she interviews professionals in the Pet Industry. I was one of those guests yesterday and had a great time with Joy.

It is always a pleasure to share my knowledge with others who are interested in dog grooming. It’s amazing that the hour flew by and of course, after the show I thought of so many things I wanted to address. After grooming for 24 years and specifically home dog grooming, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge and know that there are many people who are appreciative of learning more about the best way to brush, comb, bath and dry their dog in between professional groomings.

The topics we covered were:

What is home dog grooming, Do all dogs need grooming, How does one find a good groomer, What should one do to prepare a puppy for the professional grooming experience, What happens if the dog is injured during grooming, What is Senate Bill 969 in California aka Lucy’s Law?

I hope in the future to do more of these interviews. Not only is it fun to share my experiences but, I know as a professional groomer for so many years how important and essential grooming is to all breeds of dogs. Not only for the obvious to maintain their skin and coat and of course create a style that pleases my customers but, to discover health problems that may be lurking under the hair and in the hidden recesses of a dogs body.

I am including a link to the radio show below hosted by Joy Randel of Dazzle Dog Delight www.dazzledogdelight.com. The show is also available on ITunes, please search for Dazzle Dog Delight Blog Talk Radio.