Dakota – Puppy Cut West Highland Terrier

Well, here is another “Before and After”. I am really trying to remember to video when I have a good opportunity for documenting a before and after sequence. Maybe one day, I will have someone video the entire process live and then edit it so that you can experience the “magic” of grooming. That is one of the delights of home grooming. My clients are welcome to watch as I go through the process from beginning to end.

Dakota is an eight year old Westie that was hand stripped (not by me) for many years so, his coat does have some coarseness and wireness to it but, his owner decided a while back to stop the hand stripping and just proceed with haircuts using clippers and scissors and as a result his coat has changed and is becoming soft. No worries though, he is still a very handsome Westie.

When I arrived to groom him for the first time I saw that his coat was very uneven and choppy. Party that is due to the shift from hand stripping to clippers and I also think to the poor execution of the transition by the previous groomer. He has a wonderful thick coat which is perfect for puppy cuts. I did my best to even him out and hopefully by next time he will have grown out somewhat so I can create a masterpiece!