Daisy is such a sweet dog. Very compliant and easy to groom. She had not been groomed for months and had 3 inches of fur, all dirty and parched. She lives across the street from a park and romps in the grass each and every day rain or shine.

I did not want to completely remove all the fur and make her look like a skinned pig so, I prepared her coat with brushing and combing it out completely; removing all the mats gently and thoroughly. She had not been groomed for three months which for a thick. thick curly coat like hers is far too long an interval. It did take close to an hour for the prep work. I then proceeded to do a Rough Cut”.  That is the term I use if a dog requires a preliminary haircut before the bath. It would silly for me to bathe all that dead long fur and as well as have Daisy endure the drying process if ultimately I was going to cut it shorter. I had to be careful not to cut too short with the rough cut because, when cutting dirty matted hair it can leave marks on the final haircut.

So, as you will see in the video, I perform a rough cut then bathe her then dry her and then give her a final hair cut. Basically, I performed two haircuts to achieve this aesthetic.

It was hours of work but, it was worth it. She is short without seeing any skin and the next time she plays at the beach, her black fur will curl up like a little lamb!! SO CUTE!