Christmas Card Collection

My annual Christmas cards are always fun to create. They really amped up starting in 2008 when I created that card with Kersti Malvre, who was the primary photographer for The 2008 gem started with the brilliant idea of an angel topper for a Christmas tree. The card was photographed in stages, first the tree with angel topper and the plain red ornaments were photographed on the tree. We staged the tree in the entry vestibule of my house and then each one of my dogs were photographed in my living room on a chair draped in red satin. After that the photoshop magic was created by Kersti. She is truly an artist.

The 2009 card was another masterpiece of organization and creativity. That card, too, was photographed in stages ( I won’t give away the secrets) but needless to say, getting six dogs to look into the camera and behave perfectly all at the same time is beyond challenging. It was quite an adventure but, the hours of prep work and shopping were worth the final masterpiece.

The 2010 was my best effort yet. I had the idea to be Mrs. Claus and my dogs to be in a sleigh. That was the initial inspiration. So…….. in November of 2010 ( of course I waited to the last minute to get it together) I went on Craigslist and typed in sleighs. Believe it or not, these two little vintage sleighs came up for sale. I stared at them in amazement and awe knowing immediately that they would work perfectly!! It was a gift from the internet gods!! I promptly reserved a Mrs. Claus dress from a great costume shop on Folsom Street in San Francisco called Fantasy Costumes. Don Eggers of Beauty Oasis Photography  was the photographer for this card and was great. It was another wild adventure to photograph in stages in my backyard and then create the final photo in photoshop. It still brings a smile to my face!!

My 2011 card is one of my favorite photos from the original Kent’s Kanines photo sessions for my website. The Bichon featured is named Gracie and is the perfect snow ball. I came to the photo session with my mother’s silver tray and my vintage pink Christmas ornament balls and aqua satin fabric. It just happen to be that the session was during Christmas time and my client had the vintage pink Christmas trees on her fire place mantel which she offered graciously and willingly. The photo turned out to be a perfect dog groomers Christmas card!!!! It is truly a special photograph.

Thank you to all who love them. I thought I would dedicate a blog post to the collection so that even in the middle of summer you can wander into a Christmas fantasy!