Balancing a Fine Line

One of the most challenging aspects of home dog grooming is when I believe the welfare of the animal is jeopardized. That reality comes in all kinds of situations, sometimes it is overt like when a client is making very poor decisions regarding medical treatment for a dog that is clearly suffering or when a parent allows a child to tease the family dog and the dog bites the child or allow the dog to be off leash on a very busy street and that dog eventually gets killed. The list goes on and on.

This conflict occurred twice this week. I will not address the specific events but, write a little about the angst within me that it provokes.

As a professional home dog groomer whose clients have given me the privilege to enter their private homes year after year and trust me in their homes and with their dogs is a responsibility I take extremely seriously. I value that privilege and try my very best not to injure it. There are times though that when I see a dog in danger for whatever reason, I do speak up. This can cause friction sometimes and egos can get bruised. I do try my very best to be diplomatic and professional all the while trying to persuade my client to change things so that the dog is no longer being jeopardized. Most times, I succeed and my clients are grateful for the help. It is the times like this week when a clients’ poor decisions regarding the dogs’ medical care might lead to blindness. Time will tell.

Balancing that fine line between speaking up to advocate for the animal and not insult the human can be tricky. It is a skill that I am still learning after all these years but, what I know for sure is that speaking up is the right thing to do even if an ego might be a little ruffled.