And That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of

One of the great perks of my career as a home dog groomer is meeting all the “humans” that own all the dogs I groom. I enter the homes of everybody. Rich, poor, black, white and everything in between.  Of course, the purpose of my visit is to groom their dog but, so often as it happens, I meet extraordinary men and women. One of them is Jennifer Wilson. I have been grooming her dog for a few years now and the last time I came to groom her Norwich Terrier, she announces that she wrote a play showcasing in a month on Sutter Street. The play is entitled ” And That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of”. It is an autobiographical play about her experiences in the 1980’s trying to start a women’s venture capital fund. Bravo to her!!

As I groomed her dog, she told me all about how this play came into being and how all pieces came together for her after 20 years of trying to birth it. It is so thrilling for me to see one of my clients so happy and excited about a project that started from an idea and is now in a playhouse with actors speaking the dialogue she had written. Bravo to Jennifer!!

I am planning to see it this weekend. Can’t wait. Here are three links about her and the play.