Alice – Handstripped Norwich Terrier

Here is a before and after of Alice. She a two-year-old Norwich Terrier that lives in beautiful Marin County. I started the video midway through grooming her because I didn’t think to do a ” Before and After” video. I think when I arrived I was so shocked to see the little hedgehog I just went straight to work. She did look very cute though with all that hair. Sort of ” The Woolly Mammoth Look” :)!!

Thankfully, Alice is blessed with an excellent coat and has only been stripped so, her coat is very coarse and the color remains true. The integrity of the fur on her head was compromised somewhat due to the time lapse between groomings and lost some of its color and coarseness. After such a long stretch between groomings, the challenge is to create a very even finished coat with absolutely no redness or abrasions. Hand stripping is truly an art and the technique of this process is not only very important to the overall visual look but, most importantly to the well being of the dog.

I am very pleased with the result the hours of work it took to get little Alice back in shape. Her saddle (the black portion of her back) is very flat and even and her face looks great with no signs of redness. She is a very athletic dog, loves hikes at Point Reyes and plays endlessly with her family so, I keep her furnishings short.

Thank you, Alice, for another “Makeover Madness”. If you would like to see a full video of Kent’s Kanines Models in “Makeover Madness” please click here.