A Dream

Well, yesterday was a first. I went to a client that I have known for over 10 years. I first met her and her first dogs prior to her children’s arrival. She now has three beautiful, fabulous girls that I have all known in utero and now are 4,7 and 9. The eldest one and I have become good friends and she loves to watch as I groom her Cock-a-Poo. As a home groomer serving my clients for years, I develop relationships with all members of the family, not just the canine. This is one of the great benefits of my job.

Well, I arrive yesterday afternoon when all the girls were in school and their mother informs me that the eldest daughter had a dream me about that night. She dreamt that I was a surgeon and was operating on her foot. I guess her Mom told her I was coming the next day and she was upset that she couldn’t be there because of school so, she dreamt of me. Her mother and I just cracked up!

Maybe this is a case for Freud but, I just loved that this little girl thought of me as a surgeon. Sometimes, my job as a dog groomer does require special scissoring skills and I guess this little girl saw that I care for her dog meticulously and patiently! Well, that my pop-pysch explanation.