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Kent’s Kanines Newsletter New Year’s 2014

Welcome to the Kent’s Kanines Newsletter! There is so much to tell you!

I started the year with a salute to my wonderful and reliable Volvo, “Sven”! As of January 1, 2016, I have tallied 391,000 miles grooming dogs all over San Francisco and the Bay Area. He is a 1986 240GL and still runs beautifully. Has the same engine, original paint and I am so amazed that this car is still reliably and safely transporting me to do what I love to do! Please see Blog post.

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Music To My Ears

Often times I listen to music while I’m working. Usually it’s Pandora, French Cafe Radio (I created that station) or Hearts of Space Today though was very different. When I arrived for my first appointment this morning, she wasn’t at home, I have access and began hand stripping her darling Norwich Terrier. No one […]

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Yo Yogi

Yogi was the last dog I groomed in 2013. He is a darling Tibetan Terrier mix of some sort and has one of those faces that just makes you smile. He was adopted from a shelter in Marin County. He is probably 3-5 years old and is very loving and joyful. When I first met […]

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