Monthly Archives: May 2011

Testimonials – 1

When I first created I knew I wanted to include testimonials. But the question was how to do that with a creative twist. I really wanted the words to be from my client’s hearts so, I had a great idea. I would ask them to write thank you/testimonials on their personal stationary. Some people […]

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Hearts of Space

I spent the day in Marin, the weather was glorious but, with a little chill in the air. I had a full day, including using my Master Blaster dryer. It is like a Harley, powerful and loud. All my clients were pleased but, I was a little spent. Worked my tail off today. When I […]

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Moment of Gratitude

It’s near midnight on May 8 and I still have more paperwork to do and edits on my May Kent’s Kanines Newsletter. I have worked everyday this week including Saturday and Sunday and believe it or not, I am not exhausted. Quite the contrary. This past week has been so busy grooming all over the […]

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