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I’m Deborah Kent, a Home Dog Groomer in beautiful San Francisco, California.

You may be thinking, just what is a Home Dog Groomer? Yes, I am a mobile groomer but, I actually bring all the equipment inside people’s homes to create “the magic” in front of their eyes!

Little did I know when I adopted Lola, a Yorkshire Terrier from Jamie Morse of the original Kiehl’s Pharmacy in NYC over 27 years ago, that this sweet ball of fur would change my life forever. I began grooming her myself, just bathing her and a light bulb went off in my head. Something clicked. I could be a dog groomer. I know it sounds a little wacky considering I had absolutely no formal grooming training at all but, I pursued the spark.

I knew I needed to learn how to groom dogs so, I attended The New York School of Dog Grooming in NYC and while there I had another brainstorm. I thought maybe there may be other people like me that would love to have their dogs “privately pampered”. I now had my compass set.

After graduating The New York School of Dog Grooming, I apprenticed with master groomer Edith Hoeltz of Canine Styles in NYC for a year.  I owe so much to her; she was a truly talented groomer and teacher that taught me not only the art of dog grooming/styling but, the skills to train and calm dogs while grooming. My dream to pursue Home Dog Grooming was coming to fruition. I now had my grooming certificate and apprenticeship under my belt so, in 1989 I bought a luggage cart (no joke) and stacked my “tools of the trade” and groomed the dogs of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. My destiny had been created.

I moved to San Francisco in 1993 and have been Home Dog Grooming traveling all over the Bay Area in my wonderful and reliable Volvo. Sven, as he is affectionately named, has tallied over 450,000 miles. After grooming many, many, many, many, many dogs I am thrilled to share my website and my blog.

Welcome to the Kent's Kanines Blog!

About The Blog

Kent’s Kanines Blog features “Diary of a Dog Groomer”, Emma in Paris, A Dog Travelogue! and three terrific and entertaining videos showcasing Home Dog Grooming. They are Welcome Video, Makeover Madness, and Fine Art Grooming.

“Diary of a Dog Groomer” is an online journal of my wonderful, fascinating, creative and educational but, mostly joyous and rewarding “TAILS” of Home Dog Grooming.

Emma in Paris, A Dog Travelogue was an opportunity of a lifetime. A client of mine asked me to babysit her Norwich Terrier Emma in her apartment in Paris for a week!! She made me an offer I could not refuse. It was April 2009 and photographer, Kersti Malvre and I packed our bags and followed Emma, the Norwich Terrier,  through the streets of Paris to create the unique and clever “Emma in Paris” A Dog Travelogue!

The blog offers three videos to view, Welcome Video, Makeover Madness, and Fine Art Grooming. The Welcome Video was created in San Francisco at the Shannon-Kavanaugh House, a historic Painted Ladies Landmark. The video features, Niblet, my dog. It was great fun creating the video so you can get a peek into the world of Home Dog Grooming. Makeover Madness showcases remarkable transformations of four dogs, Niblet the Pomeranian, Marley the Havanese, Buster the Shih Tzu and Reilly the Fox Terrier!! The makeovers will put a smile on your face : ) And lastly, Fine Art Grooming is a gorgeous and graceful compilation of my grooming talents set to music for your pleasure.


September 11, 2020 Tribute The Real Heroes are Dead

As a native New Yorker who grew up in Manhattan and went to The World Trade Center often with my parents this day always makes me so very sad.

My mother was in the restaurant business and both my parents were extraordinary gourmet cooks and going to THE WINDOWS ON THE WORLD RESTAURANT was always a big, big deal. Just going into the elevator was an experience. It was like a rocket. It transported you into the stratosphere! The anticipation to get to the top was so exciting. My parents, of course, loved the food, I loved looking out onto the island of Manhattan at night with all the lights glowing! It was such a magical place.

I am so blessed that my formative years were in Manhattan; if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! The spirit of New Yorkers are unique and remarkable.

I read an article on Facebook today from The New Yorker magazine about one such remarkable, courageous and brave New Yorker. It bought tears to me eyes. There were so many people that lost their lives that day and we owe them our remembrance.

Here is an article about one, Rick Rescola:


Daisy is such a sweet dog. Very compliant and easy to groom. She had not been groomed for months and had 3 inches of fur, all dirty and parched. She lives across the street from a park and romps in the grass each and every day rain or shine.

I did not want to completely remove all the fur and make her look like a skinned pig so, I prepared her coat with brushing and combing it out completely; removing all the mats gently and thoroughly. She had not been groomed for three months which for a thick. thick curly coat like hers is far too long an interval. It did take close to an hour for the prep work. I then proceeded to do a Rough Cut”.  That is the term I use if a dog requires a preliminary haircut before the bath. It would silly for me to bathe all that dead long fur and as well as have Daisy endure the drying process if ultimately I was going to cut it shorter. I had to be careful not to cut too short with the rough cut because, when cutting dirty matted hair it can leave marks on the final haircut.

So, as you will see in the video, I perform a rough cut then bathe her then dry her and then give her a final hair cut. Basically, I performed two haircuts to achieve this aesthetic.

It was hours of work but, it was worth it. She is short without seeing any skin and the next time she plays at the beach, her black fur will curl up like a little lamb!! SO CUTE!

Dakota – Westie Sport Cut

San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s Labor Day Weekend 2019 and I worked on Saturday in Santa Cruz, CA. It’s quite far for me to go but, this client’s home is being renovated and she is temporarily living in Santa Cruz until the renovation is completed. I took the freeways down and decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway for the return trip. This is the road that hugs the Pacific Ocean the entire coastline of California. The coast of California is magnificent whether you are traveling north or south.

The weather on Saturday was glorious. Crisp, clear, sunny with just enough wind for windsurfing. I saw an inlet where people were windsurfing and flying kites and thought I would capture it on video. It looks like so much fun but, out of my courage range!

Even though Santa Cruz is normally out my traveling range, I do love going there just so I can commute back to San Francisco via Hwy 1.

Ollie the Malti Poo

What to say about Ollie. He is one of the most darling dogs! Truly. He is such a lover, cuddler and kisser!! He loves his travel Sherpa and behaves like a prince.

I have groomed him since he was 3 months old, I have been his only groomer. As you can see, he has loads of fur that requires regular brushing and combing. This client lived in the Bay Area for the first three years of his life and then moved to Seattle. My client searched high and low for a new groomer that would follow the process that I do so, he would continue with a safe and stress-free grooming schedule/process. After speaking to a number of people, she just felt the best decision for Ollie was to come back to San Francisco for his groomings. She and her husband have business here so, flying him back to SF would be a good solution. We have been doing this for 2 years without a glitch. Sometimes my clients stay in the hotel room with me but, normally they leave and take care of SF business while I give Ollie tender loving care and bring him back to his adorable handsome self.

San Francisco Scenic Video

It’s summertime in the Bay Area and plants are in full bloom. This particular slideshow was filmed in Hillsborough, CA where the climate is warm and luscious in the summer. The mornings start off cool and by noontime any fog has disappeared and the warmth of sun breaks through.

This garden is magnificent and I always look forward to entering my client’s property. It is a sanctuary of beauty, peace and an expression of life force. This little slideshow showcases just a little corner of the bounty of summer, as well as, the clever creativity of my client’s supreme garden design expertise.

Mr. Frog was created by artists at Creative Growth, an organization that serves disabled persons. It is based in Oakland, CA and the artists create such amazing and awe-inspiring works of art. Please check the link and support them.

I am so grateful to be able to enter such a property and be blessed every two weeks to witness nature change through the seasons.

Please enjoy this San Francisco Scenic Video.

Niles the Norwich!!

Niles is quite the special Norwich Terrier. He has a very fun and exuberant personality. I owned a Norwich for 10 years after adopting her at age 3 and love Norwich Terriers. They are very dear to me. So, when I met Niles I immediately took a fancy to him.

He is 9 years old and when I met him his coat was very uneven, overgrown with soft furnishings and it was clear that I would have to do a lot of hand stripping and plucking especially around his face to get his coat back in order. The quality of his jacket was good but all else needed a re-do. So, after many months I am very happy with his transformation. His coat is now very wiry and I pay extra attention to his face and pluck individual hairs to create a round and full ruff. He is so patient with me when I do this. I groom him every 6 weeks which keeps his hand stripped coat in perfect order and keeps his coat wiry and coarse and maintains his beautiful grizzle color. He is a unique and very handsome Norwich. Below is a testimonial my client shared with me which was very kind.

“Niles looks FANTASTIC! The hand stripping you do on him is better than anyone who prepped him for his show career and now, as a certified Therapy Dog he (and of course his parents) can be proud of his appearance as he visits assisted living facilities, schools, summer camps, and libraries. His 100 plus hours as a Therapy Dog with Marin Humane have him looking and acting like a true ambassador of the Norwich breed. Thank you for the beautiful work you do. It takes time, patience and a commitment to keep him looking this beautiful but it is worth every cent to see him representing his breed so handsomely.”


And if that is not enough, he has just earned his Advanced Therapy Certificate!! I have included the certificate as well as a letter sent by his owner to the Norwich Terrier Club of America requesting that Niles be considered as one of the top therapy dogs in the club! We are all waiting on pins and needles for their decision.





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