Penny – Tibetan Terrier

Penny’s nickname is Penny Panda. As you can see she has the most remarkable markings! She looks like a Panda Bear.

Penny was rescued at age 6 from a woman who sadly was dying of cancer. The week after my client picked her up, her first Mom died. My client was told that Penny was a show dog and had two litters. Penny arrived very, very skittish and nervous and somehow she had been traumatized in her past life. We are just not sure exactly of her past history.It was clear that she needed a loving and secure home and with my client she has now the best home ever and lives a secure and contented life.

It has been 3 years now and Penny is doing much better with her anxiety. She loves to go on long walks and show off her most beautiful coat, she loves to roll in the leaves in her garden and be a relaxed and jubilant dog. Her favorite thing though, is to just lie down next to her mother’s desk at her feet and present like a sphinx. She is a very regal and pretty dog. Penny has blossomed over the last couple of years and slowly but surely she is becoming more confident and trusting.

Below you will see a before and after video of Penny. She has the thickest coat and does require twice weekly thorough brushing and combing. My client purchased a grooming table and since Penny was a show dog she is quite comfortable and relaxed when she is being brushed and combed out. I do think that cutting her hair further accentuates her Panda markings.

Penny has been selected to be the Muttville Mascot for the 2016 Gala. This is quite an honor. She had a formal photo session with Ellen Shershow of, so all paper invitations and website announcements will feature Penny Panda. We all very excited and proud of her that she is the 2016 Muttville Mascot. Muttville is an organization that is based in San Francisco, CA that finds homes for the senior citizens of the canine world. I know a number of people in the Bay Area that have adopted dogs from Muttville and they are beyond happy to have rescued an older dog from possible euthanasia or just lingering in a shelter.

My client has so fallen in love with Penny that she commissioned an oil painting of her. The artist’s name is Jacqueline Probert. The painting is fantastic and truly captures Penny’s beauty and soul. It will be treasured forever.