Penny – Hand Stripped Lakeland Terrier

This little girl looks like a Steiff toy! Penny is a darling Lakeland Terrier. I have been grooming her since she arrived at three months. The first hand stripping was an introduction to the grooming table more than a full hand stripping.  Teaching her to stand and learn to be comfortable and secure on the grooming table is so important in training a puppy , whether hand stripped or not. The actual process of hand stripping went really well; right from the beginning she behaved very well. I was very careful to go slowly and not pluck out too much.  My main goal in the beginning was to allow her to get comfortable with the sensation. Believe it or not, by the 4th grooming was lying down on table completely relaxed allowing me to hand strip her face, ears, around her eyes, around her feet, everywhere.  I think she likes the attention and affection. She is a very loving little girl. Yes, she is still a Lakeland Terrier and gets into mischief all time!! 🙂 🙂 She is a very perky, happy dog. It has been a pleasure to see her mature and see that the consistent hand stripping schedule of every 4-5 weeks has paid off.

The video below was taken when Penny was a little over a year. As you will see, she stands on the table like a pro now. Her baby phase is over now and now, her coat will really start to blossom as she moves into adulthood. Hand stripping such a lovely Lakeland is pleasure.