Hearts of Space

I spent the day in Marin, the weather was glorious but, with a little chill in the air. I had a full day, including using my Master Blaster dryer. It is like a Harley, powerful and loud. All my clients were pleased but, I was a little spent. Worked my tail off today. When I know that I need to re-group and re-charge after a long day of physical and mental concentration, I will go to my laptop in my living room, click on Hearts of Space, www.hos.com and draw a hot bath. Lighting a candle and allowing the pressure of my work day to melt as I fade away with the music, is just the ticket some days.

I first heard Hearts of Space on KALW, (the oldest public radio station west of the Mississippi which is broadcast right here in San Francisco) on the radio Sunday nights between 10PM-12 midnight. I tuned in faithfully on Sunday nights as I did my end of week paper work. I become a fan. Happily now though, they have a website where you can purchase a subscription and listen to it 24/7 streamed through your computer.

If you like spacey, electronic, massage, new age, multi cultural, transporting, relaxing music, this is the website for you. Steven Hill produces the show from San Raphael, CA I believe.  Dog Grooming can be stressful, loud, frustrating and sometimes I just need that quiet, relaxing and meditative time to recharge after a rough day. I’m ready for tomorrow.

Hearts of Space was the medicine I needed, Namaste.