Diary of a Dog Groomer

People always tell me I should write a book. Tell all the “marvelous”, curious and humorous tales of home dog grooming. I have a great job, not only because I love dogs, but because home dog grooming allows me to sculpt all day, be my own boss and most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with so many interesting, fascinating, diverse and great people.

Well, I really don’t see me writing a book but, maybe a blog.  Maybe something like …   Diary of a Dog Groomer. That’s it. A diary documenting what’s it’s like to groom dogs-puppies, small dogs, large dogs, old dogs, aggressive dogs all the while doing it inside people’s homes sharing the experience with the “parents.”

I don’t have a traditional grooming shop but drive all over San Francisco, California in my Volvo 240 GL with 270,000 miles (see Welcome Video), up and down those hills, as well traveling to the North Bay, South Bay and East Bay too, privately pampering pooches.

So after a long day of driving and grooming, as often as I can, I will sit at my desk and share with you my amusing, entertaining, exciting, challenging but always rewarding experiences of being a home dog groomer.