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I’m Deborah Kent, a Home Dog Groomer in beautiful San Francisco, California.

You may be thinking, just what is a Home Dog Groomer? Yes, I am a mobile groomer but, I actually bring all the equipment inside people’s homes to create “the magic” in front of their eyes!

Little did I know when I adopted Lola, a Yorkshire Terrier from Jamie Morse of the original Kiehl’s Pharmacy in NYC over 27 years ago, that this sweet ball of fur would change my life forever. I began grooming her myself, just bathing her and a light bulb went off in my head. Something clicked. I could be a dog groomer. I know it sounds a little wacky considering I had absolutely no formal grooming training at all but, I pursued the spark.

I knew I needed to learn how to groom dogs so, I attended The New York School of Dog Grooming in NYC and while there I had another brainstorm. I thought maybe there may be other people like me that would love to have their dogs “privately pampered”. I now had my compass set.

After graduating The New York School of Dog Grooming, I apprenticed with master groomer Edith Hoeltz of Canine Styles in NYC for a year.  I owe so much to her; she was a truly talented groomer and teacher that taught me not only the art of dog grooming/styling but, the skills to train and calm dogs while grooming.

My dream to pursue Home Dog Grooming was coming to fruition. I now had my grooming certificate and apprenticeship under my belt so, in 1989 I bought a luggage cart (no joke) and stacked my “tools of the trade” and groomed the dogs of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. My destiny had been created.

I moved to San Francisco in 1993 and have been Home Dog Grooming traveling all over the Bay Area in my wonderful and reliable Volvo. Sven, as he is affectionately named, has tallied over 399,000 miles. After grooming many, many, many, many, many dogs I am thrilled to share my website and my blog.

Welcome to the Kent's Kanines Blog!


Kent’s Kanines Blog features “Diary of a Dog Groomer”, Emma in Paris, A Dog Travelogue! and three terrific and entertaining videos showcasing Home Dog Grooming. They are Welcome Video, Makeover Madness and Fine Art Grooming.

“Diary of a Dog Groomer” is an online journal of my wonderful, fascinating, creative and educational but, mostly joyous and rewarding “TAILS” of Home Dog Grooming.

Emma in Paris, A Dog Travelogue was an opportunity of a lifetime. A client of mine asked me to baby sit her Norwich Terrier Emma in her apartment in Paris for a week!! She made me an offer I could not refuse. It was April 2009 and photographer, Kersti Malvre and I packed our bags and followed Emma, the Norwich Terrier,  through the streets of Paris to create the unique and clever “Emma in Paris” A Dog Travelogue!

The blog offers three videos to view, Welcome Video, Makeover Madness and Fine Art Grooming. The Welcome Video was created in San Francisco at the Shannon-Kavanaugh House, an historic Painted Ladies Landmark. The video features, Niblet, my dog. It was great fun creating the video so you can get a peek into the world of Home Dog Grooming. Makeover Madness showcases remarkable transformations of four dogs, Niblet the Pomeranian, Marley the Havanese, Buster the Shih Tzu and Reilly the Fox Terrier!! The makeovers will put a smile on your face : ) And lastly, Fine Art Grooming is a gorgeous and graceful compilation of my grooming talents set to music for your pleasure.

Barbara Bechelli - "You'll Look Marvelous" is sensational! You, Debbiethedoggroomer, are and will always be a force of nature. You transformed our Hubba Bubba and then Maggie into beauties that only you could create. Wonderful memories, all. I'm happy to hear that your sturdy Volvo is still serving you well. Bring it on over and we'll take a walk on Crissy Field. Besos!

Cheryl Genet - Wow this is truly "MARVELOUS" We are such lucky girls that we get to have our own personal stylist. Our mommy goes to Di Pietro Todd, but Debbie comes to our house and makes us gorgeous. Can't wait to be famous and up on your incredible website... xoxoxo C.C. and Mitzi

Michael Norquist - Great photography; contented, well groomed clients who received service from a person with a great deal of knowledge and love for dogs. I’ve known of Debbie’s enthusiasm and passion for the care of “man’s best friend for many years”. Debbie really is someone who has the knowledge and the desire to provide that extra service and care to maintain not only good looks but good health for those cherished four legged members of the family. Her website isn’t just show and tell; she really does have the desire to go that extra mile.

Bob Puerzer - Deborah, I wanted to let you know that it’s great having you back in our life again. After living on the east coast for the past three years; I can’t tell you how difficult it was finding a groomer with the same knowledge and handling expertise that we had grown accustom to with you. More than once, I’ve been stopped on the street to be asked who’s groomed my Norwich Terrier and without hesitation; I’ve been able to recommend you and the work that you’ve done. I honestly believe that having you come to our house and working with our Norwich in his environment has made all of the difference in his grooming experience. If I haven’t before, I just wanted to stop and say “thank you” for the time you’ve shared with us over the past five years. Bob, Nate & Gnat

Jean Deliso - Debbie, I just checked out your website and I love it. It's awesome and so full of amazing photos, especially the transformations. I've always known that you're the best dog groomer and now you've got the best website, too. What's next? Maybe a TV show? America's next top dog? Good luck!

joan slaughter - Hi Debbie, So glad you have a website - I could find you again! It's terrific. No one equals your talents and patience. Can't wait for the dogs to see you. And I can't wait to see YOU TOO!!!!!!!! Joan

Shannon - Debbie and her grooming skills have evolved with my Basil (a 9 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). When Basil was younger Debbie would come to the house and transform her into show quality! As Basil has grown older and developed some physical handicaps Debbie has worked with me to keep her groomed in a "easy maintenance" style and literally works with me as a team to reduce the grooming time and keep Basil in comfortable positions. Debbie thank you for being so professional and so compassionate!

olivia vong - I was looking for a dog grooming in SF and came upon your gorgeous website! I have Golden Retrievers and a Pom. I also see you feature Poms. I have a white Pom!! I love your black and tan Pom. He's so cute. I'll give you a call.

Bobbi Wiltsek - Debbie is the ultimate dog groomer. She is really creative. When I had my Sheltie, she suggested that we shave her extra long coat. I couldn't believe it. At 12 years old she looked like an adorable puppy. We now have a beautiful miniature poodle which Debbie grooms every month. Thanks to Debbie she's gorgeous!!! My biggest fear is that Deb could decide to move away -no one else can compare.

Lynda Wagstaff - Debbie, You did a fabulous job with my brother's Norwich--Winston. It is the best cut he has ever had. I know you work for some of our residents and they are very happy with your grooming skills. Little did I know you would be also grooming little Winston. Thank you, Lynda

Amelia - Rolo and Travis are my babies, and I trust them to the expert! Love that Debbie. I have two very different dogs- one small and fluffy, the other big and sheddy, and Debbie makes them both beautiful!

dozer - Back in the good ole days, I had the magnificent Kent's Kanines groom me. Debra was like a girlfriend to me. I could never tell my mom that at the time because I was only a puppy when we met. I could be in a deep sleep, but would awaken immediately when I heard the sound of her footsteps heading upstairs in our flat. There she stood: her bright, smiling face and open heart. She loved me, back! Moving out of state has been hard. For all of us. Not just emotionally for me losing my love interest, but especially for my mom. She tried many groomers here in Austin, and never liked how I looked. One place even told her "oh, Dozer. he's a barker" over the phone. Finally, she decided to groom me herself. I will send you her efforts in a different blog listing. Sure, I am still cute (just born that way) even if my cut isn't the best. I can get by. In review, we all miss Debra. She was a member of our family. Luckily mom can still call on her for advice, though my coat has NEVER looked as pretty as when Debra does it. By the way, did I tell you that I look so good, that I am on a greeting card for Papyrus? Yeah. That adorable shih tzu jumping up on his hind legs looking very very joyful is me! more later love Dozer Berkeley

Victoria Libin - Debbie is one of the best dog groomers around. My Scottish Terrie, Tucker, gets had stripped by Debbie and everyone around always asks where I get him groomed. She is gentle and caring and comes to your home. What more do you want from a service professional?

Julie B - Debbie does a fantastic job grooming our little Norwich Terrier, Lula. She is sweet and loving with Lula, and she knows how to strip and cut such that Lula's hair is healthy and looking great even when it grows out. She comes to the house, which is so helpful to me as a busy Mom. Debbie is also great with my 4 year old Son, Ezra, who looks forward to visiting with her while she is grooming. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is looking for a groomer who provides a high quality and professional service!

Maude Bryt - I have known Deborah Kent since nursery school - and seriously - she has had a classy esthetic since then! Her meticulous, singular focus on the strongest foundation of experience, diligence, class, quality, and her gift - talent; is to my knowledge, unparalleled. As she trained; and then set about nurturing her grooming business this talent has only grown. Every picture in this site bears this out. Her years of experience, infallible integrity and her natural, intuitive, calm, assured manner assures a dazzling treat for both dog and owner every time. I mean ... look at these dogs - they look ... MAHVELOUS!!

joan slaughter - Debbie has been grooming/stripping our 2 Norwich for a long time....she does a "fabulous" job ...our little dogs seem to really like the stripping as Debbie has such good techniques....joan

j bradley - As a single mom constantly on the go, home grooming is an absolute necessity. I can't imagine my dog ever getting stripped if Deborah didn't come to my home. The best part ( besides the huge convenience of not having one more place to drive to for drop off and pick up) is that everyone comments on how gorgeous his coat is. I know it's thanks to Deborah's expertise.

Margaret Paternek - Great website... The dogs are beautiful!

Pam Fulmer - Debbie does a wonderful job grooming my two Havanese dogs, Harry and Cali. I look forward to her visits and all her great tips about raising the dogs, and how to care for their grooming. I love it that she comes to the house (and I live all the way out in Alamo). I would highly recommend Debbie, and I really think her new website is terrific. Kudos Debbie!!

Bob McGuire - Debbie it was so great to see at Bloomies last weekend doing Pawdicures. You look great and your website and blog are fantastic. You really are such an amazing groomer and person. You are the “Grooming Whisperer!! Good luck with everything and I will follow you on your travels with Diary of a Dog Groomer.

suzanne karp - She's done it again! Shayna and Benji (Shih Tzus) continue to get raving reviews with their "DebbieDos." Over and over again I hear "gorgeous," "they're beautiful," "whose your groomer-they look great" and of course, "so cute." Their faces are precious, reflecting Debbie's fine grooming techniques. These artfully groomed little pups bring big smiles to people's faces as they prance the street; they know they look fabulous! Thanks Debbie.

Ann Selph - Not only is Debbie a wonderful, caring, loving dog groomer, she is a fun and interesting person to be around! And, she is so observant about both the dog's needs and the owner's needs. She taught me to keep our little six pound Pushinka groomed while we were traveling for six months and set me up with the necessary equipment. It was great! Wishing you much good luck, Debbie. Big Hugs, Ann

Arnold - Hi Debbie – It was great meeting you at the Pet Unlimited Paws event. It was fun and Max’s paws have never been happier. Thank you for your kind and skillful care. I checked out your Web site and am blown away! I’m sending the link to to all my dog friendly friends. Anyone who loves dogs needs to see this site. The Emma in Paris series is inspired! Did I happen to mention that Max speaks fluent French :). Diary of a Dog Groomer is much more than fun, it’s a source of valuable information which I’ll check regularly – no one has your experience and it’s generous of you to share with the rest of us. I’ll call you next week to schedule an appointment for Max – Your devoted fan - Arnold

Roger Moy - I was cruising around the Colma Home Depot for a couple of things this past Saturday night. As I walked past the paint section I notice this lady with carrying a dog. As I got closer, the dog she was carrying was Sooooo cute, very puppylike. I could not make out the breed, so I asked. She replied a Pomeranian, 10 years old. I was taken aback, this extremely cute dog was 10, as I looked a bit more closely. This dog's grooming made him look so puppylike. The shaping, complementing the shades of colors. Pretty incredible....quite a work of art...helping shape other's perception of the dog. It made my day to visit and just see such a well groom, ultra....lovable and cute looking dog ( Who says "The clothes doesn't make the man" sure does make the dog!

the toronto sun - Great article, lots of smart tips. I am going to show my buddies and ask them what they think.

Baby looney tunes - I really liked your article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

Braun rasierer - Hi i am so pleased I found your blog, I really found you by mistake, while I was searching Yahoo for something else, At Any Rate I am here now and would just like to say thank you for a wonderful blog posting and a all round intriguing blog (I also love the theme/design), I do not have time to read it all at the right now but I have bookmarked it and also added your RSS feeds.

Alex - It’s always a pleasure when Debbie comes to visit and groom Winston, my Norwich terrier. I’ve tried other groomers but Winston always returned stressed out and the results could not compare with Debbie’s work. Stripping a Norwich takes patience and real talent and Debbie has plenty of both. It’s so convenient to have Debbie come to my home where I know that Winston is receiving 100% attention. The results are fantastic and Winston receives compliments wherever we go. He looks amazing!

J. Simmonds - Debbie of Kent's Kanines, cleaned up, maintained and cared for our dog Marley Jack's long fur coat since he was a puppy. Marley Jack went on to achieve his championship status and stud two litters of Havanese puppies! Marley Jack loves Debbie and kisses him the entire time he is being groomed. He knows what she is there to do, does not love the bath, but seems not to mind the process when Debbie is in charge. Thank you for caring for our little guy!

Jan Diamond - My dog became sick and I was worried about leaving him at the groomers all day so I called Kent's Kanines and asked them to come to my house. Debby was so gentle and loving with our little sick dog and we were just relieved to have him be clean without going through any more stress. Happily, he is fine now and we still have Debby come for both of our dogs. They love her and if I do say so myself, when she leaves I end up with the two prettiest dogs in the city. Yep, it's more expensive than the regular groomers but absolutely worth it to us.

Nancy McGoon - We cannot walk down the street without getting a smile. Mr.Harley, our shit tzu, is a head turner. Debbie has been his only groomer, so she has to take the credit. His distintive ears, mustach and tail didn't happen over night. Each month she carefully trims them. Once we asked her to trim his tail shorter. She looked at us with a disapproving look. She was right a long flowing tail, with long ears, and long mustach puts Harley apart from the average Shih tzu. Having a good looking dog is wonderful but what makes it even better is to have a well behaved dog. Debbie helped us train Harley. He is welcomed everywhere, especially in his Outward Hound dog stroller. Nancy & Cliff Belvedere, CA

Michael - Companion Consultant - Hey Groomer Girl, For the last 15+ years, I have been blessed with the privilege of being a care taker to the most amazing Shih Tzu's in the world. I have been equally blessed to have a wonderful working relationship with you, my pups and my clients are the BIG WINNERS! My clients over the years just rave about your grooming skills, your professional approach to "doing it right" but more importantly the love, care and patience in which you treat every dog is truly exceptional. Every once in awhile you run across someone who is so good at their profession, you know they are living their passion and doing what they were born to do. You are that person, you are the best! All my puppy's and I are forever grateful!!

Ron crawford (Bunrattys) - Hi!!!Debbie, I love the vidieo that you took at the fun day last summer and put on your beautiful web site. I look at your website all the time and think about how much fun we all had that day. I wish we could do this every day for these wonderful dogs,and puppies. Ron "the lure machine man"

Meg - I have known Deb for X number of years. Maybe she can remember how many. My biggest comment would be that I've seen Deb become a different person over the years. As we've both aged and GROWN we've shared different chapters of our lives in the small clips of time we've shared. I really admire her. She's a kind person, intelligent and lives her passion. I always feel inspired when I'm around someone who takes such pride in one's pursuits. She will give advice about my dog but mostly she observes my life periodically and makes great observations when she's in my house. Deb is an original. And thank you Deb for all your love and presence and support for our family. Sending love. The Bs

casio pathfinder - Nice site,i have bookmarked it for later use, thanks.

Beverly Eden - Socrates was so delighted after his latest grooming Monday! He ran around the house like a happy little boomerang! For 16 years you have taken such wonderful care of both Spartacus & Socrates. We truly appreciate your friendship and expertise. You are the BEST! P.S. After seeing the travel blog of you and Emma in Paris, Socrates has urged me to invite you both to our ranch in Uruguay with a side trip to Buenos Aires, the Paris of the South. Emma is a sophisticated beauty especially with those pearls. He promises to pack his black bow tie.

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Jane Ernesto - When I first met Debbie so many years ago, she was already the best groomer in town. No one compares to her expertise, competence, positive attitude and smile. So many years later with our family's third dog, I can still count on her to not only be professional and give our dog the best haircut ever ( everybody always says how great he looks) but also be a person I welcome and trust in my house 16 years later!! Love the website and blog. They are great!

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colleen leof - Debbie has been grooming our wonderful little Coton de Tulear, Tanti Auguri, every two weeks since he was a pup...and now at 13, he still looks and acts like one! He's got long white coat of hair that Debbie keeps fluffy and beautiful, big black eyes with charcoal rings, and while he has the spirit and energy of a little Shirley Temple, he has a serious job. Tanti has been working his whole life as 'Pup Psychologist and First Mate', assisting his psychiatrist dad every day at the office. So you see, he's got a lot of responsibility and needs to look like a real professional. Debbie keeps him looking like a 'dream cloud.. with creds', not dreads. She has magic ways of taking out 'the mats' without doing anything drastic, as I've seen other groomers do to dogs like Tanti. She is very patient and caring of Tanti and wants him to look beautiful might say she wants him to look Marvelous! We can't imagine life without Debbie!

Ellice - Debbie does a wonderful job grooming our Norwich - he always looks great! Thank you Debbie for taking such loving care of Mr. B.

Rick Carta - Debbie is an artist who like grooming dogs. She is “unique” not only in San Francisco, but in the entire USA. If more dog groomers were half as good as Debbie people would stand in line to get their dogs groomed. You people are lucky to have her.

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fred Miller - you are a magician with fur and with furballs. Fanny and Stella are happy when you come and are overjoyed when you leave....because you have transformed them from scruffy to beautiful. Thank you deborah from the girls!


It was a beautiful day in San Francisco. Clear, crisp, cold (for San Francisco)! Walked my own dogs for a long and relaxed walk; great way to start the new year.

2018 was great. Home Dog Groomed almost every day other than the two respites. Traveled to Ashland, Oregon for the Shakespeare Festival in the Spring and then off to Paris and Nice to celebrate my birthday in October. Wonderful vacations!!

I am truly excited about 2019. This will be my 30th year Home Dog Grooming and my 25th anniversary of making San Francisco my home. Home Dog Grooming each and every day since I arrived. I am so blessed.

Sven, my trusted and wonderful Volvo is still running perfectly. Please check back. I am planning to give him a little facelift soon.

Thank you to all who visit my website to view the 12 galleries of dogs I have groomed in my client’s homes as well as visiting my blog.

My New Years resolution is to post more frequently.

Wishing all good health and happiness for 2019

Kent’s Kanines Summer Newsletter 2016

Moose – Cock-a-Poo

What a great name, Moose! This is the first “Moose” I have ever groomed. He is a sweet, sweet chocolate Cock-a-Poo. He grows like a weed so, he is groomed every 4-6 weeks. His fur feels just like velvet; it so soft. He is very active, hiking in Marin, power walking along Chrissy Field, accompanying his family on long road trips, jumping over little jumps set up by his “sisters” in the living room. He lives with three young girls that adore him. Since he leads such an active life, his Mom always wants his coat short and in good order so, I give him a short sport cut; it really accentuates his fit and lithe body. As you will see in the video he is adorable and so handsome!

Penny – Hand Stripped Lakeland Terrier

This little girl looks like a Steiff toy! Penny is a darling Lakeland Terrier. I have been grooming her since she arrived at three months. The first hand stripping was an introduction to the grooming table more than a full hand stripping.  Teaching her to stand and learn to be comfortable and secure on the grooming table is so important in training a puppy , whether hand stripped or not. The actual process of hand stripping went really well; right from the beginning she behaved very well. I was very careful to go slowly and not pluck out too much.  My main goal in the beginning was to allow her to get comfortable with the sensation. Believe it or not, by the 4th grooming was lying down on table completely relaxed allowing me to hand strip her face, ears, around her eyes, around her feet, everywhere.  I think she likes the attention and affection. She is a very loving little girl. Yes, she is still a Lakeland Terrier and gets into mischief all time!! :) :) She is a very perky, happy dog. It has been a pleasure to see her mature and see that the consistent hand stripping schedule of every 4-5 weeks has paid off.

The video below was taken when Penny was a little over a year. As you will see, she stands on the table like a pro now. Her baby phase is over now and now, her coat will really start to blossom as she moves into adulthood. Hand stripping such a lovely Lakeland is pleasure.